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Our Story

by Magan Jenkins May 24, 2016

Cameron and I met when we were fifteen years old in San Diego, California. He was always that "cute surfer boy"  to me and I was always "MAGAN JENKINS" (with heart eyes) to him. We lost touch and continued on with our lives and it wasn't until 5 years later that we were back in touch. I was half way done with hygiene school and at the time and he was almost done receiving his AA at his community college. I lived about 2 hours away from San Diego, so a long distance relationship during the week and getting our 3 days together on the weekends was what we had to do. I knew from the start that Cameron was my missing puzzle piece. The reason I'm telling you our mushy love story is because Cameron and I apart are both pretty smart and creative, but when you put the two of us together...we are unstoppable. If you read the "About us" section on the home page of our website, then you are well aware that we knew absolutely nothing about starting a clothing brand. I am a young Registered Dental Hygienist who never really took a step back to look at my options in life. As for Cameron, he is battling a serious disease that only those with Crohn's disease can relate to. We just knew that we had dreams and we were/still are going to do whatever it takes to turns those dreams into a reality. "You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago" is a quote that inspired us the most. Cameron wasn't going to let his disease take control of his life anymore than it already has and I wasn't going to settle for a career that may not have 100% of my attention and dedication. We all only get one shot at life, and I know that is a cliche thing to say but if you sit back and REALLY process it, it is quite frightening. Don't fear the unknown, experience it, live it, find out what it is...and do it NOW! Why wait, we didn't... <3
Magan J

Magan Jenkins
Magan Jenkins


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